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Here's what you'll need:

1x 250g bag of Two Guns Cold Brew #1
1x Large container to let coffee steep in
1x Liter of cold water
1x Paper filter
1x Coffee grinder (Beans can be pre-ground)

Recommended but not needed
1x Scale

Step #1. Start with coarse ground coffee. If you have a Grinder at home, you can set it to the coarsest setting and grind the coffee as close to making the cold brew as possible.

Step #2. Place all of the coffee into the container you will steep in. Slowly pour your liter of water in and mix with a spoon to ensure you've evenly soaked all of your coffee. You'll want to use cold water (yes it makes a difference but it’s not a dealbreaker) or you can reduce some of the water and throw in a couple of ice cubes.

Step #3. Let it sit in your fridge for 24 hours. Because we are using cold water, the extraction process takes a bit longer but this added time ensures you bring out all of the great flavors this coffee has to offer.

Step #4. After steeping for 24 hours, your coffee is ready and you’ll want to filter your coffee.  We recommend using something like the Toddy Cold Brew System as it comes with 2 types of filters to ensure you don't end up with any added sediment in your final cup. You can also use a regular pour over paper filter that can help separate the coffee grounds from the liquid gold you're preparing.

Step #5. Now that you've made it this far, you will have coffee concentrate that can be served on its own or diluted with more water and ice to create the same cold brew we serve in our stores. If your scale has an oz option, you'll want to use 4oz of concentrate to 6oz of water to create a 10oz cold brew drink. Enjoy!